The Conquest Of Paradise By Christopher Columbus Essay

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When evaluating the contribution of Christopher Columbus in the “conquest of paradise” it is debatable whether he was personally responsible for the failure of two cultures’ ability to interact successfully, and if he does really deserve the title of “discoverer of America.” Previous social and political conflicts play a crucial role in the modern day debate about Columbus. With these conflicts come arguments that side in favor of Columbus’ findings and some that side against them. Named after Saint Christopher, Christopher Columbus(1446-1506) in hopes of soon setting sail to find the Orient traveled to Portugal in 1476 to learn about the Portuguese way of shipbuilding and sailing. Columbus had believed that he could reach the Orient by traveling westward across the uncharted seas. He asked the Portuguese king to sponsor him on his journey west to Asia. The king rejected him because he saw him just a dreamer. Columbus then presented his idea to the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella. Isabella was impressed with Columbus 's proposal, and in 1492 made him an admiral and financed his expedition. There were many who dreamed of the Orient and their motives as well as Columbus’ all the same “ To serve god and the king, to give light to those in darkness, and to grow rich, as all men desire” (Sherman p.359). Another contributing factor to the motives of these explorers was the spread of religion. Columbus was consumed by images of glory, wealth, and the spread of…

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