The Connection Between Mental Illness And Artistic Creativity

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The Connection Between Mental Illness and Artistic Creativity
In my UNV Let’s Go Arts class we are beginning to learn how to research and use the library so we can become better writers for papers such as these. For the class, we had to pick a topic and then try to write a rough outline of what we think the paper would sound and look like with quotes from articles and citations. I was having trouble trying to pick out a topic because of the many general ideas I had, mental illness and modern art, for example. I only discovered what I absolutely would love writing about through research about those few general topics. How mental illness can influence art and creativity. I love this topic because it is something I can get deep with and relate to in my personal life. Both me and my brother suffer from depression and we are both artists; I’m a visual artist and he is a piano player and singer, so this topic hit close to home for me instantly. I thoroughly enjoyed the outline creating process as it helped bring all my thoughts together for my topic. There is a romanticized stigmatism going around that if you are neurodivergent, you are more creative. An entirely plausible theory.
The speculation that they are connected is supported by tons of research. However, there is also research that suggests that mental illness could not be a contributing factor at all. Aristotle said, “No genius has ever existed without a touch of madness” (Kaplan 27). Aristotle is arguing here that they…

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