The Connection Between Holden And Allie Caulfield Essay

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The Connection between Holden and Allie Caulfield
While reading D.J. Salinger’s, The Catcher in the Rye, I realized how much of the world along with the people Holden assumes is fake and phony. Basically everything. A clear reason to why he thinks this is not mentioned. The world is fake and phony because it no longer holds that innocence. The deep connection between Holden and Allie is affecting Holden in a negative psychological way as a result of Allie no longer remaining in Holden’s world. Since the beginning of the book we are informed that Holden has failed to meet the requirements of a private school named Pencey Prep. Holden then runs away from Pencey Prep for a forty-eight hour vacation. Holden’s entire story is revolved around the course of a two day period. Holden despises a phony fake world. A world of bitterness, profanity, and obsession with sex. Holden is unable to communicate the emotions that consume him and knows he has lost his innocence. The irony though, Holden benefits from the same world he despises. Everything he considers a fakery and lie, he also engages in. He spends money on taxi cabs, nightclubs, hotels, and cigarettes. Holden considers these survival skills he needs in order to survive in this “fallen adult world” (Rholetter, Wylene, Gale) , as he says, “If you want to stay alive, you have to say that stuff.”(Ch.12), in order to fit in you have to adopt the behaviors of those around you. Holden is at the end of crashing. Since the beginning to…

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