The Conflict Theory Of Society Essay

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In a society where the powerful and wealthy rule, the masses have no voice. According to Marx, the Conflict Theory speaks on how the world is separated by two types of individuals, the rich and the poor. This differentiation will forever exist and there is no exact resolution to it. This growing inequality serves as a reminder or social marker to create tensions and social conflicts within the two groups (Ritzer 2013 p.95). The elite rule and take over the masses. “Conflict theorists believe whatever order there is in society stems from the coercion of some members by those at the top.” (Ritzer 2013 p.95) It is of no surprise that our society consists of the masses working hard just to get by, while the elite do the minimum and receive great awards for it. This is evident in our institutions. Our institutions are owned and governed by those who do not care about the exploitation and misconduct done on the people. Some groups in the masses do not receive the necessities for well being in the States. Proper shelters, clothes, food, and especially health care are things that the poor lack and the rich pay little attention to.

Big Pharma and its influence in society According the Ralf Dahrendorf, there is conflict within every part of society and its system. The American health care system has one of the greatest conflicts. Unfortunately, we live in a nation where since the early 1980s our pharmaceutical industry’s main concern is to achieve great amounts of…

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