The Conflict Of The Boy Essay

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It may be difficult for the boys to convert back into their everyday life in society after the traumatic experiences they encountered on the island. There are some cases in which feral or abandoned children are rehabilitated or put back into society but most cases are unsuccessful. Many of the boys in this book will probably suffer from PTSD when they go back home, and this may have a negative effect on the way they fit back into society as citizens. Also, social expectations of the society back home vs. the way they live on the island is very different. It could cause stress as they try to get used to going back to the social expectations back home.
There are many cases of abandoned children who become feral and are unable to go back into society and live a normal life. A more modern case is a Ukrainian girl named Oxana Malaya. Oxana was raised by dogs. Her parents were alcoholics, and did not really care for her. She lived behind her house in a dog kennel where she picked up dog-like mannerisms and behaviors. Oxana barked, walked on all fours, and even drank and ate like dogs do. Oxana never fully recovered from her abandonment. She lives in a home for the mentally disabled. She learned how to talk, but she can not read, write, or do math. Her social skills were that equivalent of a toddler. She has major learning disabilities, but is not medically diagnosed with any sort of autism.
One of the main reasons children become feral is because of no human interaction. They are…

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