Essay on The Conflict Of Social Identity Theory

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Analysis of Conflict

Social identity theory can explain the formation of competing groups involved in this conflict. Looking at Arizona laws and recent presidential speeches, such as the Arizona speech, it is clear that Latino immigrants are not welcomed in this country. Both anti-immigrant laws and speech references bring attention to the racial and ethnic differences between the American population and immigrants coming from South America. In many cases it is difficult to distinguish where exactly a particular person came from, but facial features or skin color, as well as Spanish language, lead to the assumption that the person is somehow different from the majority of American population. Based on race and ethnicity people are categorized as Latino, Mexican, and perhaps even illegal aliens. From the point of view of immigrants, they see white English speaking Americans as those fundamentally different from them as well. The mere presence of different skin color or language leads to biases between these groups. There is currently a strong anti-Latino immigrant sentiment in this country, and Trumps immigration campaign and his victory made these attitudes even more obvious and real. Ethnic minorities feel threatened by his campaign; they now feel inferior to white Americans and resentful of the white American population. Social identity theory suggests that in order to resolve conflict, individuals can attempt changing groups or changing categories of comparison. In the…

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