Essay on The Conflict Between Israelis And Palestinians

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The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians over territorialism and the establishment of a Jewish land and that of “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland between the largely Catholic Nationalists and the majority Protestant Unionists have many key similarities. Both “Northern Ireland the State of Israel emerged out of war, the breakup of empires, and international agreements.”1 (ESEP 93)The main phase of both the Northern Ireland conflict and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict occurred around mid 1960s to late 1990s and both had similar grievances around territory and identity. Asymmetrical, sectarian disputes arose over inequalities in political power, access to economic resources, ethnic and cultural identity, and territory disputes. In Northern Ireland, the Union-dominated Northern Ireland parliament unfairly discriminated against the Catholic population. Along with Protestant cultural dominance, there was also “unequal access to economic resources... and the political power of the Protestants were underpinned by their economic power.” 2(TDOC 150) Conditions for the Palestinians living in Israel were also plagued with inequalities. Until it was amended in 1980, the Citizenship Law prevented many Palestinians from becoming citizens, barring them from many of the privileges Israelis enjoyed. “Israel was able to suspend in practice most of the rights its Palestinian citizens... [imposing]severe restrictions on their freedom of movement and economic opportunities, and placing…

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