The Conflict Between Antigone And Creon Essay

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Every society struggles to find a balance between duty and law; it is a part of human nature to feel responsibility towards their kin, but also to develop a set of standards for their comunities to follow. In many cases, the law and duty to family conflict with one another, as they are both central to the values of human beings, creating a constant conflict in every society. Sophocles demonstrates this conflict in The Antigone, where duty and law conflict and cause a tragic end for the royal family. The Antigone depicts the concepts of duty and law by assigning them to play’s two tragic heroes, Antigone and Creon, showing the flaws of each moral standpoint through the dowfall of either character.
The plot of The Antigone is centered around a conflict between Antigone and her Uncle Creon, who has recently become the ruler of Thebes. They are shown to represent opposite sides of a moral argument, as Antigone believes that her brother, Polynecies, deserves a proper burial while Creon disagrees, as Polynecies was a traitor to the state. Already in the first conversation that takes place, the audience can gain a sense of what the characters stand for, particularly for Antigone. In the beginning, Antigone declares her purpose when talking with her sister about burying her brother unlawfully, saying,
I myself will bury him. It will be good / to die, so doing. I shall lie by his side, / loving him as he loved me; I shall be / a criminal - but a religious one. / The time in which I…

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