Essay The Confederate Flag : Relic 's End And Racism 's Beginning

1351 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
The Confederate Flag: Relic’s end and racism’s beginning Few things have ingrained themselves in the socio-political fabric of modern-day America more than Twitter and Facebook. Topping that list of socio-related exceptions is a topic that has left its tragically indelible mark on America even more so than the aforementioned media moguls’ manifestations: Racism. Now, I know what you’re thinking; ‘The amount of roads that this essay could fork down is ultimately going to end up in a million bits and pieces of abstractly explored voicings of opinion.’ And, quite frankly, I can’t deny that this is how my work will have stricken you by its eventual culmination. Opinion remains- as always- completely subjective. However, another thing I can’t deny is that, rather than indulge in those ‘million bits and pieces of abstractly explored voicings of opinion,’ the focus of this text will be restricted solely to the always controversial clash of ideas brought about by one of America’s most ancient and representative relics: The Confederate Flag. Having had its dormant glory newly roused by the lamentable happenings at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church earlier this year, the Confederate flag came into the spotlight once again- albeit, the light that was shone upon it was hued much darker than the term might suggest. Immediately following the horrific tragedy underwent by the unsuspecting church-goers of the Charleston, South Carolina church, flags the nation over were…

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