Fefu And Her Friends By Maria Irene Fornes Analysis

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oppressive practices against her. In her article ''Gender Perspectives and Violence in the plays of Maria Irene Fornes'', Catherine Schuler points out: Fornes turns over and reveals aspects of male psychology and heterosexual intimacy that are profoundly disturbing [chiefly that] our society condones, encourages, and even venerates male brutality, and violence against women has for centuries been strategic device that preserves traditional gender hierarchies.( Qtd in Cummings 112)

In fact, in her play The Conduct of Life as well as in the previously discussed plays, Fornes actually pinpoints the various kinds of abuse committed against women
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Subsequently, as a playwright, she aims at employing theatre as a vehicle for social change. In her attempt to improve the conditions of women, she masterfully manages to represent a successful portrayal of women's resistance against the abuse and violence imposed upon them in male-dominated societies. In her plays, Fefu and her Friends, Mud and The Conduct of Life, she skillfully discloses the oppression, degradation, exploitation and violence women suffer from under patriarchy in an attempt to urge them to resist; meanwhile she prescribes the means of putting an end to the unjust treatment committed against them through establishing themselves in society in the case of Fefu and her friends, searching for knowledge and leaving home in the case of Mae, and learning to read and write as well as pursuing higher education in the case of Leticia . It is true that some female characters such as Fefu and Leticia eventually resist violently when Fefu shoots Julia whom she regards as an obstacle in women's search for their liberation, and Leticia when she resists her husband's brutality by shooting him; yet, by depicting them in such a violent way, she intends to send warnings to both men and …show more content…
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