The Concepts That Define The Concept Of Proper Order Essay

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Trevor Lindner
Poli 113A
Victor Magagna
Due Friday November 6th 2015
4. Explain the concepts that define the “what” of proper order.

Concepts of Proper Order: The Exploration of What Factors Contribute to Growth

Confucianism is a set of principles that provides a guiding hand towards being a better person and contributing to a stronger society. These principles include concepts that encourage the lower class and ruling class to work together in order to create flourishing society. The ruling class cannot maintain power without the support of the lower class and their resources, but the lower class also needs protection that comes with a hierarchical governing system brought by the ruling class. The concepts that define the “what” of proper order comprise of many different aspects that when put together create a ruling body that works with the constituents to maintain a progressing society.
Proper order is the idea that within a society, there are ways to provide power to ruling class without letting that power get too great in the hands of the one. The concept of proper order is a necessity because it allows society to move forward rather than remaining stagnant. Progress is a benefit of the proper order because it encourages continuous advancement rather instead of blocking advancement. This system requires participation on all levels and voluntary work from all people in order to keep the system intact. A society cannot flourish without the hard work by the…

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