The Concept Of Oedipus Complex By Sigmund Freud

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The term Oedipal complex was initially used by Sigmund Freud as he developed a theory to explain the psychosexual stages of development. He attempted to describe the boy feelings of attraction to the mother with anger and envy towards the father (Fear, 2005). Basically, the boy may feel like he is competing with the father for the belonging and possession of the mother. The boy sees the father as a threat for her affections, desires, and attentions.
In terms of the psychoanalytic theory, Oedipus complex may refer to the desire of a child to the sexual engagement with a parent of opposite sex, specifically the boy’s erotic illusion, attention, and attraction to the mother.
Freud then argues that the complexity of Oedipus plays an imperative
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This term was named after Sophocles ' Oedipus Rex Character, who at one time killed his father and he ended up marrying the mother (Van, 2005).
The theory that Sigmund Freud is composed of the Oedipus complex specifically outlines the emotions and opinions as well as ideas that exist in the children 's small mind, which concerns their urge and attraction to seize their female parents sexually and to eliminate their fathers. According to Freud, this kind of complexity does occur in both boys and girls, with both genders desiring to own their mothers and remove the rival fathers who normally compete for the mother’s interest.
As stated before Freud insisted that the Oedipus complex happened during the phallic stage which is the third and most crucial out of the five stages, that in line with the psychosexual development of the kid. Freud then identifies that it occurs around the ages of three to six years. At this very critical period of the kid 's psychosexual growth, he concluded that the kid 's sexual organs were used as the fundamental source of pleasure to the kid, hence the kid starts to become sexual in addition to realizing itself as a sexual
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Essentially the boy is in constant fear to lose his most precious body part. The first example is the breast of the mother, once this detachment happens the boy feels he will lose all connection with the mother. Next follows the excretion of feces which he relates of losing a body part as well. Lastly, the boy fears getting caught masturbating imagining this will lead to castration of his most valuable body part especially when he observed a female genitalia. He convinced himself that girls were castrated. On the other hand, the girl is so deeply in love with the father that she wishes to bear his child, but since this is impossible she just gives up that desire and moves on to prepare herself for the future (Freud,

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