The Concept Of Intellectual Property Rights Essay

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Utilitarian theorists generally endorse the creation of intellectual property rights as a means to foster innovation. The rights are permitted for a limited duration of time in order balance the social welfare loss of monopoly exploitation the protection of utilitarian works, particularly, technological inventions. Principally, the social value of utilitarian works lies in their ability to perform tasks (for example, a better can opener) or satisfy desires more effectively or at lower costs. Based on the theory it is only logical that a society would attempt to protect such works within a governmental system that itself also based upon utilitarian doctrine (Fromer, 2012 Goldman, 2014; Loren & Miller , 2015;Grimmelmann,2014 ;Tabachnick, 2013;Kankanala,2012 ; Jamar, 2013). Because copyright falls under the umbrella under IP Law it follows the principles set as the foundation of that law in each country.
Copyright Law : Nature of Protection
A copyright protects creative works of authors, such as photographers, artists, writers, directors and music composers. The author will be given copyright protection over his/her work(s) for his life time and seventy years after his death. After the term of copyright expires, the work(s) becomes public domain and will be free for use by public (Goldman, 2014; Loren & Miller , 2015;Grimmelmann,2014 ;Tabachnick, 2013;Kankanala,2012 ; Jamar, 2013; Yearneau,2010; Menell, 1999). A copyright protects the expression of an idea, not the idea…

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