Applying Luke's Utilitarianism Theory

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Luke could apply the theory of utilitarianism to help him make a decision. Utilitarianism is when an individual must decide which option does more harm than good to the stakeholders. In a way, the stakeholders, or those affected by the business decisions, could be the nearby homeowners that will live by the adult entertainment retail store. If using utilitarianism, Luke would note that by not telling the nearby homeowners that their market value will significantly drop, the homeowners may become dissatisfied living near a store of that market. If using utilitarianism in the sense that the stakeholders are the nearby homeowners, Luke would want to tell them, because it would forewarn them about a possible negative outcome or
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The universal ethics theory puts into perspective how ethical a decision would be if everyone else were doing it. If Luke tells Owen about the upcoming store opening, Luke should question if it would be ethical for other employees to do the same. Luke would either be hopeful that his fellow co-workers would keep the business confidentiality, or, he would question if they would breach the confidentiality and talk with their family. Based off this theory, Luke would most likely lean towards that it would not be ethical for his co-worker to breach company confidentiality. It would be unfair if each employee was granted the same decision-making and outcomes that Luke was granted. It would also create a chaotic business environment if each employee told anyone they wanted about the company’s private business ventures. With this theory, Luke should understand that by making his decision, would it be ethical for all other employees to do the …show more content…
If Luke were to use this philosophy to make his decision, he would have to consider his values and how he wants to portray himself, and make his decision based off that. If Luke prides himself on family relationships, and values his close relationship with Owen, then he would want to protect his brother and forewarn him about the new business opening. However, Luke also has an obligation to his company, and if Luke values commitment, then he will remain confidential with his business. Luke must also note that his brother will be in his life for forever, whereas, the company Luke works for, may not be with Luke for the rest of his career. However, Luke’s terms and reason of termination could be considered by Luke’s next employer, which could negatively affect Luke’s career development. With virtue ethics, Luke must decide which value is most important to him, then make his decision based on the one that’s most important to

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