Essay on The Complex Body Of A Dead Crab

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The thoughts, desires, and memories of humans are a mystery to everyone in the world including themselves. As the persona of the poem a "Green Crab 's Shell" shows, the sad thing is that many people will never truly discover these things because they do not open themselves up and explore the deepest parts of their souls. The complex body of a dead crab is explored by the persona who compares it to a human and personifies it, to show that unlike the crab, humans have the ability to open themselves up and explore the mysterious chambers of themselves without having to die. The ability to enter oneself and discover the profound obscurities that the soul and mind hide is a tantalizing prospect that many would agree is worth dying for. The persona of the poem pushes this issue to the reader by comparing humans to crabs with metaphors and strong descriptive language. He tempts the reader into opening themself up to reveal the alluring qualities within them.
The persona begins the poem by creating a sense of mystery around the crab, which invites the reader to explore the meaning of life and death. He describes the natural beauty of the crab with images saying it is, “Closer to bronze/preserved in kind brine,”. At this point in the poem the persona has not yet gotten to his message within the poem, he is merely enticing the reader to keep reading so that he/she can see where it goes. He also personifies the brine by calling it kind to highlight the crab. A few lines later…

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