The Comparison and Contraction Between Various Skin Cells Essays

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The Comparison and Contraction Between Various Skin Cells
By: Michael McDaniel, Latoya Gates, Cristy Barfield, and Danielle Chapelle

Abstract During this experiment we planned to compare and contrast human cheek cells of a variety of age groups, different stages of skin, and difference in species. We wanted to see if age could correlate to cell structure and size, if animal and human cells differed and if epidermal and cheek cells could differ in shape, size, and color. The age groups that we planned to study were adolescent, young adult, and adult for both human and animal. The animals that we studies were in the canine and lizard class. The collection of these cells played a vital role in our experiment. We documented who or
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“When skin or organs are damaged, the body naturally wants to heal itself” (Estes 1). Because the healthy tissue cannot be perfectly replaced, new, less functional tissue is created. This new growth is known as a scar (1). Thicker than the surrounding tissue, this new growth is also lighter and denser than healthy skin tissue, because of a restricted blood supply (1). Also, functions such as movement and sensation are hampered (1). Because the sweat glands may become damaged, hair follicles may stop working, and damaged area becomes less resistant to ultraviolet radiation, further shows the inferiority of scar cells to healthy skin cells (2).
As humans get older, their organ systems start to reflect it. For example, in an aging person, the skin loses its stretchiness as collagen production decelerates and the elastin loses it’s spring (Clayson 1). Because of the reduced collagen production, the skin’s ability to repair itself is somewhat reduced (3). On top of that, the regeneration rate of the skin is reduced and the new skin cell turnover is lowered, which means the old cells stay on the body for longer (1). This can be observed at a cellular level by the darkness and structuring of the older cells (2). Also, the skin may be prone to itching more because of the degenerating ability to hold onto moisture (2).

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