The Community Oriented Policing Approach Essays

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Although seattle have been often connected to counterculture, coffee chains, grunge, environmentalism, and it’s national parks and mountains in differnet ways and capacities since the 1960’s; Seatteites have also experienced almost a decade full of crime including; murder, rape, robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, larceny-theft, arson and motor vehicle theft. Beginning in the early 1980’s Seatteites across all four regions; North, South, East, and West, became accustomed to their lives and level of comfort being shattered as violent crimes sored. The community-oriented policing philosophy designated and applied as the foundation for successful law enforcement practies during this time period, demonstrated to be ineffective at best. After analyzing both Seattle community policing reports; Figure 2 Seattle Police Precincts: 1982 – 1989, and Part 1 Offenses Seattle Police Precincts: 1982- 1989, it is evident that restructuring Seattles local law enforcement community policing strategies during this particular time period should have been reevulated and made a top priority. It is my argument by inspiring the public to become more involved through contribution and volunteering, restiblish trust and respect within the community, will lead to sustainability and permanency, decreasing crime as a result. It appears Seattle law enforcement officials were operating the illusion that, Seattle was exempte from crime combined with its failure to identify trends in murder, rape,…

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