The Communist Union Of The Soviet Union Essay

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The communist government in the former Soviet Union came to power under the banner of equality. What does Shukhov’s imprisonment (and the entire gulag system) say about the fate of the movement? How does life in the gulag represents Soviet society in general?
Even though The Soviet Union came to power under the banner of equality, Shukhov’s imprisonment and the entire gulag system showed that this ideology was not seen in practice because in the prison, there were categories even among people of the same group and this can be seen in Shukhov’s life since he had people above him and also behind him. For instance, in the prison, there were gang-leaders who represented everything for the rest of the prisoners and, depending on how good or bad the gang leader was, the prisoners’ lives were easier or worse 1. Tyurin is an example of a gang leader and, because of his position, no one in the gang tried to cheat him 2. After the gang leader, there were others in command. Furthermore, as Shukhov’s says, even when it came to eating there was not equality because the position you occupied in the gang determined your turn to eat and usually the people at the lower level of the gang did not consume very much. Another factor of this is the ironic situation of the camp, where the prisoners that occupied high posts in the kitchen, in the infirmary or in storing parcels, contributed to the functioning of the authority’s powers over the rest of the prisoners3.
The fate of the movement after…

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