The Communist Government Of The German Democratic Republic Essay

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The Communist Government of the German Democratic Republic came up with the idea of making an obstacle to divide the East and the West of Berlin. They built a barbed wire and concrete wall on August 13 of 1961, known as the Berlin Wall. The reasoning towards building the Berlin Wall was to keep westerners from going into the east of Germany. Although that was the whole purpose of building it, it was used more to stop masses of migrations from east to west. The Berlin Wall is greatly known for its impact that it left behind in our history. Being built during the cold war, dividing its people, crisis, and its great fall on November 9, 1989 (Staff,, Germany now in the 20th century compared to it in the 1980’s has had a great growth, change, and recovery from the division.
Before the Berlin Wall’s construction the citizens of Berlin were allowed to go back and forth from east to west. They had trains and subways for transportation so that they could shop for food, go to work, or watch a movie. The Soviet Union had decided to build a wall in order to stop the East Berliners from leaving and migrating into the west part, the whole purpose was to divide them even more, as well as stopping the east side’s population from decreasing (Staff, On August 12, 1961 the wall had started being built, to block all possible passageways between the divided city (Staff, Policemen along with volunteer construction workers built and finished it in…

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