Angol The Causes Of The Civil War In Angola

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Angola is seventh largest country located in Africa, it gained independence in 1975 when the Portuguese withdraw from Angola. Angola is a country with different ethnics and is rich in natural resources. However, civil war lasted for 27 years. What is civil war? Civil war is a war between the citizens of the same country. As Angola was still in the transition state for being an independent country, the combination of the long lasting ethnic tensions and international pressures rendered Angola's hard earned independence problematic. Civil war started as the different movement in Angola fought for control of Angola when no movement was chosen as the government when the Portuguese left. In this essay, I will be analyzing and weighting the causes …show more content…
Angola is rich in diamond, oil, iron ore and manganese and copper deposits. With oil being one of its biggest economic contributors, making up 90% of its exports, providing countries such as USA and China with oil. The two major liberation movements, MPLA and UNITA fought not only for power, but for natural resources as well. While both movements use these natural resources to help in the fundings of their political and economical interests, the rest of the citizens in Angola lived in poverty. Due to the rich natural resources available in Angola, UNITA uses these natural resources in bring USA to its side, in helping UNITA in the war against MPLA. UNITA was able to capture several diamond mines in Angola, mainly near areas of Lunda Sul and Lunda Norte province. UNITA use these resources as the main funding for arms and campaigns against MPLA during the civil war. With the natural resources as one of the main fundings for the civil war, both parties were determined in exploiting Angola's diamond and oil resources. UNITA gained about 2/3 of Angola, including natural resources in 1992, and UNITA uses these resources in buying the aid from USA. Due to this, the country's natural resources became an aggravating cause for the 27-year long civil war in

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