Essay The, Common Sense, By Thomas Paine

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During his time, Thomas Paine wrote and made copious amounts of valid points as to why the colonies should separate from the mother country of Great Britain. In his pamphlet, “Common Sense,” Paine argued over several different governmental actions and policies, but one of his most notable arguments had to have been when he made several points leading to his theory that the colonies should separate from Great Britain. In his argument for independence, he made quite a few points and used quite a few different tactics to better help inform his readers what the colonies would be like if they did separate.But when it came down to it, some of his most effective points would have to be that, even though Britain had protected the colonies during hardships, they only did it for financial gain. Also another second point is that, relations with Great Britain cannot exist because as long as they do exist, colonists will remain submissive to the crowned ruler and they definitely be mistreated. In a supporting point, which would also be classified as another effective point, Paine states that America is too complex and large to be governed by Britain because commerce should not and cannot be managed from, at the time, roughly 4,000 miles away. These three points above are some of his most effective and influential points as to why the split should happen. And he was also able to gain a sizeable audience that in the end thought Paine was on the right track. Even though in the end, Paine…

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