Essay on The Common Core State Standards

1886 Words Oct 31st, 2014 null Page
On a daily basisics, you may hear or read news on blogs, websites, social medias, journals and newspapers about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) both positive or negative feedback. If the general population took the time to educate themselves on the CCSS history, they would realize that the CCSS are put into place to better our nation’s education overall. It’s important to understand the reason why we have standards; standards are put in place to ensure that students in every school will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college, career and life (Conley, 2014) . Research suggests that implementing the Common Core State Standards is beneficial, because it will increase academic rigor, increase quality education, and better prepare students for college and career readiness in our competitive world.
There is a substantial amount of research that supports The Common Core State Standards. A 2010 study conducted by the American Institutes of Research, documented a hug expectation gap. ACT yearly announces in their reports the number of students that met college preparedness with this assessment. Only 26 percent met college preparedness from the 54 percent that took the ACT assessment (Conley, 2014). The reports mentioned above are evidence of students not meeting college expectationspreparedness. Governors and chief state officers began talking about the need for a common set of high standards (Conley, 2014). Research suggests that the CCSS will…

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