A Concussion Research Paper

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can alters an individual mental position with or without the loss of consciousness. Concussions usually happens when a person gets ding or gets their bell rung during a collision with someone or something. Every year there is an estimate between 1.6 and 3.8 million concussion occur in the United States as a result of participation in football. A concussion takes time to heal properly; most people continue to play when they are diagnosed with concussion symptoms. A concussion can last a few days, weeks, and even months before the conditions is cured. Repetitive concussive injuries can lead to later life problems such as neurodegenerative disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. In recent year’s concussions has become a publicized topic across the United States in every level of sports. Concussion has become a public health priority because of the common incidence, prevalence, and potential short-term and long-term health concerns. Based on studies from Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethnic, more than 50% of concussions go undiagnosed. Despite the fact that many experts believe concussion causes functional disruption rather than a structural damage, it is connected to structural deformities. Professional Football Hall of Famers …show more content…
Even a simple tackle that involve a head collision that seemed to be a minor blow can be serious. Coaches and trainers are on the front-line of identifying if there athlete is assumed of having a concussion. Coaches are supposed to know their athletes well enough to recognize when something is wrong with them; even when the player do not know or is in doubt of admitting it. Recalling that a concussion is not visible as a broken limb. Identifying a concussion involves looking for different types of signs and

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