The Columbian Orator: Book Analysis

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Obtaining knowledge is key path for slaves to awake from their ignorance. Douglass carried his hatred of slavery and the nostalgia of the temporary love in his childhood began the pursuit of freedom and freedom of thinking. When he was living with Hugh and Sophia Auld in Baltimore, Douglass learned how to read and speak English under Auld’s wife’s teaching. This experience of learning set the turning point to Douglass’s life and he realized the important of seeking education to slaves. This awaken emerged when Douglass overheard Mr. Auld forbidden his wife educate Douglass because educating slaves in Maryland not only violate the law, but also dangerous, “Learning would spoil the best nigger in the world” “if you teach that nigger how to read…it …show more content…
The book “The Columbian Orator” brought him attention to understand the rights of human being and help him to acknowledge the inequalities of being a slave (chp 7). Knowledge helped him recognize himself as men instead of as a slave and articulate the injustice of slavery, but he was unable to find a way escaping from slavery. In chapter 10, when he was working in Covery’s plantation, he lost his hope and desire to learn and escape under covery’s brutal treatment. Douglass’s successfully fought back to Covery’s brutal beatings, and terrified his master which set as the climax of the story. This showed slaves should take action and fight what they believed is injustice, which is more important and effective than the people who had knowledge but afraid to speak out the injustice of slavery. This also showed Douglass as slave his awareness of manhood, which help he’s able to reclaim his strong desire to learn and break the slavery. After that, he learned he took up the responsibility of encourage free slaves learn to read and write and escape. He eventually escaped to northern by the support of other slaves. Although Douglass had a clear understanding that the path to freedom was not easy, his fully awaked self- consciousness from the experience as slave, have the clear purpose

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