The Columbian Exchange During The New World Essay

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Between 1492 and 1750, the Columbian Exchange, produced by European explorers in the “New World”, resulted in numerous effects to both the people of the Americas and the people of Europe. The native Indians suffered tremendously by the cultural exchange leading to population decline, and also a transformation in culture due to the new order imposed by Europe. However, Europeans benefited greatly from the Columbian Exchange by their economic gain through the attainment of new natural resources and new pool of labor. The Columbian Exchange resulted in the massive death of Native Indians via the European explorers bearing contagious diseases as seen in documents 2, 6 and 8. Due to the European migration to the Americas, Indian population declined greatly from the lack of resistance and immunity. Indian population reduced fifteen to twenty million as a result of contracting infectious diseases such as measles and smallpox (doc 2). This shows that the European appearance altered native american population trends tremendously from millions to only a few thousand in a short amount of time. Ironically, natives were killed far more through socialization rather than actual wars with the Europeans. As one nation prospered and rose, another perished through the Columbian Exchange. The author of document 2 comes from an author of Indian descent who believes that Christopher Columbus committed a genocide against the indigenous people due to his affiliation with the indian race. This…

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