The Columbian Exchange During Christopher Columbus Essay

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The Columbian Exchange was an exchange of people, animals, crops, disease and culture between the New World, the Americas, and the Old World, consisting of Europe, Asia and Africa. Dubbed the Columbian Exchange after Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the Americas in 1492, this exchange lasted until the mid 1700s. This exchange indisputably changed the course of history by connecting the New and Old World and blending their many cultures together. However, this blending of cultures inevitably lead to disputes between the Europeans and the Native Americans, who were inhabitants of the New World. Because of the tragedy the Native Americans faced, the Columbian Exchange was harmful to the New World, but benefitted the Old World enormously because of the economic results. The New World, or the Native Americans, were helped by the Columbian Exchange in some ways, but were their culture and way of life was ultimately destroyed as a result of the exchange. First, many Native American tribes were conquered soon after the arrival of the Europeans. When the Natives were conquered, the precious metals they owned, such as gold and silver, were taken from them (Crosby). The Europeans were able to profit off of this, especially because of the Silver Circuit, which was a global network flow of silver (Morillo). Secondly, the Native Americans, who simply lived a different lifestyle from those in the Old World, were seen as “barbarians” and “savages,” by the Europeans. This is probably…

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