The Color Purple By Alice Walker Essay examples

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In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, the readers are allowed an intimate glance into intertwined nature of the friendships that are present in the novel. Walker focuses on the nature of friendship and how it affects the lives of those that are in the relationships. While the author tells a story that is rich with friendships and relationships that change the entire course of the novel and the lives of the characters within the novel. Through her representation of Celie and Shug’s friendship, which is the most important friendship of the novel, Walker teaches her readers that friendship goes beyond the bounds of simple love and want for one another. With her portrayal of Celie and Mr.____ friendship, Walker allows the reader to understand the importance of forgiveness and openness in friendships. Finally, Walker uses Corrine and Nettie’s relationship to comment on the prominence of sacrifice and trust relationships. The function of friendships in this novel is to allow the readers to see the power of relationships and human interaction. “That real good, for first try, I say. That just fine and dandy. She look at me and snort. Everything I do is fine and dandy to you, Miss Celie, she say. But that’s cause you ain’t got good sense. She laugh. I duck my head” (Walker 57). In the beginning of the novel, Celie is devoted to Shug Avery in a way that bordered on obedience. While Shug began the relationship with a sense that she was superior to Celie because of her looks and…

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