Essay on The Colonization Of Latin America

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The colonization of Latin America by European countries brought chaos to the country. The settlers slaughtered millions of slaves, both indigenous Indians and African slaves. Colonization did, however, have another effect; because the settlers used a centralized government to control their territory, they inadvertently united the people in the land which who previously part of autonomous tribes. This may have helped advance civilization in Latin America, but it was not optimal for continued European rule. The indigenous people along with the oppressed mestizo class, which dominated the territory, soon realized that they did not want to live under foreign rule. With inspiration from revolutions in North America and Europe and momentum from early revolutionary movements in Paraguay, Latin America was able to free itself from European rule in the early 19th century. Although revolutions in Latin America occurred around the same time and were fairly similar, there was still some variance in the way independence came about in some countries. In most countries the fight for independence was mainly an elite struggle, regardless, movements for independence came mainly from hatred towards the Spaniards. These revolts were led, for the most part, by two of the most famous revolutionary fighters in history, Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin. Individually, and at times together, these two men were able to free almost all of Latin America from Spanish rule. Countries such as…

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