The Cold War: Notes: The Development Of The Cold War

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Chapter 28 “The Cold War” Notes
The Confrontation of the Superpowers
Was an argument between Soviet and American ideologies over what would be a secure political arrangement of peoples and nations in the aftermath of WW II
The first area of disagreement of theeee Cold War was Eastern Europe
One factor that helped start the Cold War in Eastern Europe was Stalin’s want to employ for-Soviet governments in the countries of Eastern Europe to serve as a neutral area
The United States of America threw out the Truman Doctrine to Congress in March 1947. The doctrine wanted to give Greece and Turkey $400 mill. so they could protect themselves. It also showed fear of communisim
June 1947, the US put into effect the European Recovery Program, which
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#capitalism (Mao Zedong over Chiang Kai-Shek)
The best country… the United States of ‘Merica was a part of a few treaties such asz: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) CENTO (Central Treaty Organization) SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization)
The sweet thing used by the Americans to fight the stupid Communists was called “Containment” ##MERICA… lol
B. The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Move toward Détente
In 1959, Fidel Castro took out a crook named Fulgencio Bautista
In 1961, an American operation that tried to off this fool, Castro sadly failed.. “Bay of Pigs”
In 1962, Nikita Khrushchev (Soviet leader) placed stupid Soviet nuclear weapons in Cuba
JFK(Lady Killer) figured out a way to get nukes outta there. #strikeout
The Vietnam War
Diem (Leader of Vietnam) was backed up by big CEO’s boy, Roman Catholics, and large landowners but poor hated this fool cuz he was a

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