The Cold War During World War II Essay

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Was the cold war truly one unified war, or was it simply two wars under the same alias of “Cold War”? After World War Two, the Cold War developed into a war in Europe and Asia that was fought between two ideologies, democracy and communism. Although the Cold War was essentially one war, there were many similarities and differences between the Cold War in Asia and in Europe. In both regions the Cold War divided nations through democracy and communism. Also, the United States’ containment methodology was seen in both the Asia and Europe. However, containment’s effectiveness was different in Asia and Europe. In Asia, communism prevailed; whereas, in Europe, America’s aid prevented the spread of communism. The Cold War in Asia and Europe are comparable and contrastable in many aspects; both regions experienced divisions and containment as a response to the war, however the success of containment was different in Asia and Europe.
After World War Two, countries in both Asia and Europe were controlled by Soviet Union and US authority; however, the Soviet Union and US’s different ideological viewpoints lead to permanent separations between nations. After World War Two, an “Iron Curtain” fell between East and West Germany. East Germany, controlled by the Soviet Union, had a communist government. While, West Germany, controlled by the United States, Britain, and France, had a democratic government. This structure of division was also seen within Germany’s capital, Berlin. The…

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