The Code Of Hammurabi 's Code Essay

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Did you know Hammurabi’s Code is one of the oldest known laws to date? This was because Hammurabi’s code was very early for its time having laws placed for the Babylonians, so they won’t do horrible, despicable acts against each other, and the society will stay intact. Though before we get into the laws of Hammurabi 's Code, let’s talk about who Hammurabi was himself. Hammurabi was just a man that came into the power of a small city-state by the name of Babylonian in 1792 B.C. Hammurabi was a vicious, threatful beast that took over many city-states around him ranging from the North to South. Hammurabi now was controlling much of Mesopotamia. After Hammurabi’s reign, his acts of violence settled into peace. He then made 7 steles that had 282 laws carved in 1750 B.C. This then was followed by all Babylonians, or they’ll receive harsh punishments based on their actions. These were feared by all who came to the huge Babylonian empire, and it didn’t matter who broke them. As long as it was a severe rule, they would be injured or possibly killed. Shortly later that year he died from unknown causes. When he still was alive, the question was if his rules just or not. I say because of the harsh punishments of simple mess-ups, and how personal equality was not a thing. I say it would be an unjust code of laws.

The reason I felt as if Hammurabi’s Code was unjust was again the simple mess-ups that were made by doctors, bartenders, etc, to then deserve severe punishments, often…

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