The Code Of Ethics : A Social Worker Essay example

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As a social worker, we are held in great esteem by the society, it is important that we try to follow the rules of ethical responsibility when dealing with our clients. However, it is una-voidable and unintentional, but the fact is, as a social worker our duties are to protect the clients from harm and not cause them more harm. A dual relationship can cause great harm to the client and also to the profession. That is why the NASW code of ethics stipulates that social workers should avoid this kind of relationship.
Definition of dual relationship and what is entails. Dual relationship is when a social worker or a therapist or any specialist plays multiple roles or act as a separate entity to their cli-ents at the same time. This type of relationship could be professional or nonprofessional. There are different kinds of situation where a dual relationship can occur. It could be that they represent the client as an advocate or a therapist, also at the same time; they play the role of a party friend (socializing with the clients). It could also be a situation where the social worker plays the role as the client designated representative and also a therapist simultaneously. Whatever the case, a social worker should go to a great length in assuring the integrity of the profession and avoiding the occurrence of dual relationships with their client because of the risk involve.
Rural issues in dual relationships and professional integrity. It is more challenging for social workers…

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