The Cloud Mist Lifted And The Landscape Unraveled From Beneath

1380 Words Jan 26th, 2016 null Page
The cloud mist lifted and the landscape unraveled from beneath. Roads slithered across the great expanse of the Earth. They coiled around subdivisions, a series of homogenous fixtures when viewed from above. The checkerboard squares of green terrain waned amidst the approaching urbanization. Even from 10,000 feet in the air, the giveaways of the West were discernable — a Wal-Mart here, a baseball stadium there, the occasional backyard swimming pool. Subtle chatter, inclined bodies, oohs and ahhs from the youngsters, pointed fingers. They were riveted by the panorama. How could they not be? It was the acme before the dénouement. The aerial tour before the curtains closed on an otherwise mundane flight. It was familiar to them, yet different at the same time. It was home. But to her, it was something else entirely. It was something alien. America. It was a word, which, as it rolled off your tongue, already conjured a hundred images in your mind. Times Square. Hollywood. Uncle Sam. McDonalds. Consumerism. Of course, she knew America. She knew America in the way you know your favorite actor — from afar. Television. Movies. Magazines. She knew that America. But this, examined through a plane window, was different. It was like looking at Michelangelo’s “David” without realizing the apprehensive expression on the sculpture’s face. It was realizing you had been so dialed into the bigger picture that you missed the smaller details. In the absence of honking horns and…

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