The Cliche Power Of Love Essay

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The cliche power of love, is an undeniable force that makes an appearance everywhere throughout the story. Even from the novel title, Caramelo, which stands for caramel in Spanish hinting to the sweetness and addictive connotation. There’s an undeniable parallel between the three set of generation as each generation embarks in their journey of love and commitment. All of the women in the Reyes family (even the women who maidan is not Reyes) ends up obtaining pain and suffering as a result of their own actions and behavior as well as their partner’s. Love interlace with the affection given by a family, and with the affection of a potential permanent companionship (such as friend and spouse). Though when looking for love “[its] often portrayed as a dramatic thing but in reality not all romantic encounter ends in marriage, and marriage is not alway blissful” (Graf 13). Looking for spouse material may be a phrase in which a person takes an initiative to go seek out a person that would suitability them and support them. Often times the influences of one 's culture can place into the specification of finding the “destined one” as well as family’s expectation and rearing influence. In Caramelo, the ideal of a men “ to be feos, fuertes, y formales,” which translates to a man possessing the characteristic of being “ugly, strong, and proper,” placed an importance in the Reyes’ expectation (Cisneros 103). Often times, love is consider as a weakness that human actions will stir up a…

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