The Civil War And Reconstruction Era Essay

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Post civil war and reconstruction era was supposed to be a time to strengthen the country and establish a home for all genders, races, religions, etc. However, the treatment of newly emancipated slaves did not change. Stringent codes and laws were implemented to keep them enslaved. Specifically, Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes made it harder for “free” African American people to live a life that America once promised. This strident environment led to the uprising philosophies of Washington and DuBois. The Post Civil War Era of intolerant, oppressive laws and codes led to the emergence of two African American leaders fighting for civil rights; and although DuBois’ protests emanated the spirit and the anger of the African American society, Washington’s plan was ultimately a more pragmatic way to fight for change. A founding member of the NAACP, W.E.B. DuBois believed that in a time of perpetual racism, black codes, Jim Crow laws, and lynching, social change was only possible through agitation and protests for political/social change and equal rights. Unlike his direct opponent, Washington, DuBois was considered to be more active in his fight against virulent racism and firmly believed in providing “leaders to protect the social and political rights of the black community and make the black population aware of the necessity for constant struggle” (The Great Literacy Crusade, 225), further exemplifying his proactive and bold philosophy. Perhaps DuBois’ biggest criticism of…

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