The Civil War And Abolition Of The United States Essay

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One of the most monumental amendments of the U.S. Constitution is the 13th Amendment. This amendment passed at the end of the Civil War and abolished slavery. In 1864, during his speech on this amendment, Hon. Charles Sumner said “All persons are equal before the law, so no person can hold another as a slave; and the Congress shall have power to make all laws necessary and proper to carry this declaration into effect everywhere in the United States.” Over 150 years later, slavery still exists, yet it is shocking to most to hear that it still exists and not a thing in the past. Slavery exists in the form of sex trafficking in which a person is held as a slave by another person. Modern-Day Slavery, major contributing factors to sex trafficking, the traffickers and the victims and the current efforts to stop this madness will all be presented in an effort to raise awareness on an issue that is in our own backyard and not in a third world country.
Modern-Day Slavery also known as human trafficking exists not just in third world country but also in the United States. Some form of human trafficking is happening everywhere and it’s a strong possibility that it is taking place in a city that you live (5 Things to Know About Human Trafficking, n.d.). It has now become a global issue with perhaps more victims enslaved today than ever before (Sanborn & Lew, 2012, p. 779). Human trafficking can be categorized into two categories; labor and sex trafficking. Labor consists of but not…

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