The Civil Rights Movement And The 5th Amendment Essay

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Without Special Forces such as the economic system, the civil rights movement, the women’s movement and the 1st amendment I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do every day without thought. American History is very important to me well all history is important to me, notwithstanding the things my ancestors managed to make happen to make my everyday life easier. Being able to make my own decisions is very significant to me and I’m sure it is for everyone else as well. Fifty one years ago as an African American I wouldn’t be able to sit down in a restaurant and eat, sit at the front of a bus, try on clothes at a store, and I wouldn’t be able to hang out and go to school with some of my acquaintances that are Caucasian. The reason I get to sit in a restaurant is because of the sit ins that African American college students went through such as the four men that attended North Carolina A&T that wouldn’t leave Woolworths until they were served, this was one of the many sit ins that African Americans had to go through for me and other African Americans in society to have the ability to sit in restaurants today. If It wasn’t for the ruling separate but equal, that was established by the supreme court in 1896 I probably wouldn’t be writing this paper and there could’ve been a possibility that the schools would still be segregated, it’s unlikely, but it could’ve happened and society’s children wouldn’t know what it feels like going to school with kids of another race and…

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