The Civil Rights Movement And African Americans Essay

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When the Civil Rights Movement began in the 1950s it was the beginning of a new future for African Americans. The Civil Rights Movement was a movement to gain basic rights for African Americans (Davis, 2014). It created the rights that said the difference of skin color between black and white people made no difference, both races deserved the same treatment. Since the Civil Rights Movement racial equality has improved through things such as African American’s government roles, and their rights in everyday life. But even today, where skin color should make no difference, black people still experience segregation.
African Americans had received abuse solely for their skin color since the first one had step foot on North America in 1619 ( Staff,2009). They were seen as different, inferior to white people. The back-breaking work they were forced to perform showed that white people had no respect for them, saw them only as workers, not people ( Staff, 2009). Throughout history there were many black people who believed that someone should stand up against the suppression, such as Martin Luther King Jr. MLK Jr. was an advocator of black rights. He lead many rallies and his speech “I Have a Dream” brought a lot of attention to the growing problem of racism. He was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement until 1968 when he was assassinated ( editors, 2016). Another man who believed in black rights was Malcolm Little, also known as Malcolm X. His…

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