The Civil Court Case Between Castle Rock, Colorado And Jessica Gonzales

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Fatal Injustice

Throughout history, important cases have changed the way people look at controversial topics and they continue to influence people’s thoughts on these topics to this day. The Supreme Court case between Castle Rock, Colorado and Jessica Gonzales made many people question the efficiency of law enforcement. One horrific series of events that took everyone by surprise led to a very influential case that affected many people, including Jessica Gonzales and the police officers working in Castle Rock, Colorado. Castle Rock v. Gonzales essentially allowed for Gonzales to share how little the police helped her during the increasingly dangerous situation in which she and her children were involved. Certain events of the terrifyingly fateful night Jessica Gonzales was forced to suffer through, such as receiving little assistance from police officers in a time of crisis, and being told by the police to call the station back numerous times ultimately led Gonzales to file a suit against the town. The Castle Rock v. Gonzales case was crucial in bringing awareness to the way in which matters, such as restraining orders, were handled by law enforcement (545).

After constantly worrying about the wellbeing of her and her daughters, Jessica Gonzales filed a restraining order against her estranged husband, Simon Gonzales, which only allowed him to see her and their children, Rebecca, Katheryn, and Leslie Gonzales on alternate weekends and during a prearranged dinner…

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