The, City Visit, By Sheila Kohler, And Adam Haslett 's ' Cities Visit

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In Sheila Kohler’s, “Baboons”, and Adam Haslett’s, “City Visit”, both stories reveal that loneliness cause the exploration of one’s sexual orientation. Two characters from vastly different backgrounds explore their sexual backgrounds with persons of the same sex, all in secrecy. One confesses to his wife that he is having an affair with another man while the other goes to New York with his mother to meet a man whom he met online with the intention of exploring his sexual preference, without the mother knowing. Both stories are connected to loneliness. Without loneliness, the stories cannot proceed into the exploration of one’s sexual orientation. In Sheila Kohler’s story, during an evening drive along the road to Oudtshoorn, Jan Marais reveals to his wife, Kate, that he is having an affair with Serge, his male anesthetist. As he awaits a response from his wife, the only thing that comes out of her mouth is, “Tout lasse, tout passe, tout casse” (473), which in French means “Everything weary, everything passes, everything breaks”. Having told her his secret, Jan is annoyed at her reaction, especially since he does not understand French. He continues to say to Kate that “You cannot imagine how lonely it is to have to lie” (475), in a desperate manner to try to get a reaction from Kate but her focus has shifted to the baboons that has appeared on the side of the road. In Adam Haslett’s story, Brendan and his mother travel to New York City. They were given this opportunity…

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