Essay on The Circle By Dave Eggers

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The Circle written by Dave Eggers is a dystopian novel, that relates to a dark future. In this novel, there are two groups that readers could side with and they are “ inside the circle” or “outside the circle.” “The inside the circle” group has the perks of all the new technology and they work at the hottest company around. “The outside the circle,” group has its perks too, such as not being overly involved in technology, living a life that is not chosen for them, and they won 't be brainwashed. Each group has its pros and cons, but the better one would be the “outside the circle,” group. The “outside group would be a better choice because you can see how Mae changed throughout the book form outside to inside and finally tuning into a “robot.”

Being an outsider makes you a human and Mae was one in the beginning of the book.. Outside one can talk to other people face to face and get to know everyone by talking to them. This is a skill that everyone needs to know because of job interviews and how to be social. Being social is a very good skill to obtain, so those living outside the circle are able to make friends and be friendly. It can also bring out emotions in the person you are talking to. Mae’s parents and Mercer who is Mae’s ex boyfriend enjoys being social, talking to one another, and express their emotions. In the beginning Mae still has those skills to be an outsider. For example, when Mae first went to see her parents, it made her upset. She was upset about…

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