Essay The Chrysanthemums And Barren Woman

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Women throughout their lives have faced adversity, whether is getting the same pay, the same job, something has always held them back from achieving greatness. In the short story’s ”The Chrysanthemums” and “Barren Woman”, the authors uses imagery and symbolism to depict and to help you understand the repressed feminine qualities of the protagonist, a vibrant person who is not taken seriously because of her gender. During this time, gender inequality was at any all-time high and women weren’t appreciated. Another thing that impacted women is the pressure of being a mother in there society, which caused them to be limited on the amount of things they can do. It demonstrates the frustration of a lonely women surrounded by a male dominated lifestyle. To begin with, the short story “The Chrysanthemums” is about a woman by the name of Elisa Allen, in her late thirties, is at a point in her life when she has begun to realize that her energy and creative drive far exceed the opportunities for their expression. She tends to her chrysanthemums while her husband is busy working with his fellow coworkers at the shed. She does her gardening work with all day and she loves it. She 's a strong lady who cares deeply about her garden. Her marriage isn’t perfect and she does not receive any attention from her husband. The garden takes her away from the reality of the world. The garden symbolizes a child and she does everything a mother would do for her kid. One day, her husband wants to…

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