The Christmas Of Christmas - Original Writing Essay examples

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Most families have holiday traditions and ours was no different. Our most treasured one was going to Grandma and Grandpa Dietzler’s for a family Christmas feast of roast duck, glazed ham and all the related goodies that left us painfully plumped. Afterwards there was the much anticipated gift opening. Our gifts from Grandma and Grandpa were special because, during the WWII years, the manufacturing of toys was a low priority and they were often unavailable. But, since grandpa was a carpenter by trade, he had ample raw wood materials. Using them, he labored late at night for weeks building our Christmas gifts. They included things like child-high tables and/or chairs for the girls and wagons and tractors for the boys. These labors of love meant more to us than anything that was available for purchase and were as important a part of Christmas as Santa Claus. We grandkids always looked forward to comparing the Christmas presents that had been opened earlier at home. Often one gift had been a board game like Clue, Uncle Wiggly or a card game such as Rook or Pit. These were brought along and, after stuffing ourselves with our traditional Christmas dinner and opening our grandparent presents, the kids usually found a corner where we could try out the new game. Since these Christmas days were essentially family reunions we anticipated them for months before the actual event. So you can imagine our dismay when, a few days before Christmas, we were hit by an Alberta Clipper.…

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