The Christian Roots Of The Bible Essay

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I chose to rewrite Lesson 1 because I made a blatant mistake of referring to the Israelites as Israeli’s. Also, after my post, I did additional research about the plagues and found that the translation varied widely in various editions of the Bible. I felt this observation was worthy of discussion.
What values are passed on in these Bible stories? Would you think of any of these values differently if you were a child? In what ways has American culture retained these Judeo-Christian roots? What evidence from current events would you give to support your answer? The Bible teaches what is right and wrong. Specifically, when God delivered The Ten Commandments to the Israelites,God (G-d) described a set of rules that would provide for better coexistence in our world if everybody applied these values to their lives (New American Bible, Exodus 20.7-17). I did think of The Ten Commandments differently as a child. When I learned The Ten Commandments, I memorized them, but did not fully understand what many of them actually meant. I didn 't know the meaning of some of the terminology that was used such as adultery, false witness and covet. The Ten Plagues were intended to teach the Egyptians that God is the Lord (New American Bible, Exodus 7.5). I recollected learning about seven plagues as a child, so I referred to several Bibles and noticed great variations in the number of plagues and also the description of each of them. A Bible intended for a younger audience, Holy…

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