Essay on The Chicago Race Riot Of 1919

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On July 27, 1919, the streets of Chicago, Illinois, were filled with racially fueled violence, which resulted in numerous deaths and injuries to both sides. Once again the Nation witnessed another outbreak of violence between the African American and Caucasian populations. The Chicago Race Riot of 1919 was considered to be one of the worst of the estimated twenty-three riots that occurred during what historians have labeled, due to the large amounts of violence and deaths throughout the nation, as the Red Summer. The violence lasted from July 27th to August 3rd, spanning over a period of eight days. With the riot lasting as long as it had, the combined developments of structures being set on fire, stores being looted, and numerous deaths, made this the worst riot Illinois had ever experienced in its history. The riot eventually cooled off and the rioters were dispersed, however, an estimated thirty-eight individuals were killed and over five hundred people were injured. After the riot had ended and stability was restored the Governor of Illinois, Frank Lowden, created a small committee whose purposes were to study what had caused the riot, create a code of ethics for the different races, and create racial boundaries throughout the city. The Chicago Race Riot of 1919 would leave a bloody mark in Illinois history and was the direct result of racial tensions growing due to past histories, economic difficulty, and racially biased law enforcement.
Although the Chicago Race Riot…

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