The Cheyenne Paragraph: Powerful, Resourceful Native American Indian Tribe

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Cheyenne Paragraph

The Cheyenne were a powerful,resourceful Native American Indian tribe.They often allied with Sioux and Arapaho.The Cheyenne settled along the Missouri River near the Mandan and Arikara tribes.The most Famous chiefs in the Cheyenne tribe included Dull Knife,Chief Roman Nose and Morning Star.There are a band of warriors called the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers.They were extremely courageous and fight to their death to protect their people.

They migrated west across the Mississippi River and into North and South Dakota in the early 18th century.Their territory was usually with grass covered plains and areas with rivers.They lived in the American Great Plains region in the states of Minnesota.Where the lived,the climate were Hot Summers and Cold Winters.The Cheyenne originally lived on the eastern parts of the country.The Cheyenne tribe lived in a tent like home called tepees.Their town later got destroyed by
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The religion and beliefs of the Cheyenne was based on Animism that encompassed the spiritual or religious idea that the universe and all, the natures objects have souls or spirits.The ceremonies the Cheyenne tribe held included a Sweat Lodge ceremony,the Vision Quest and the daunting Sun Dance ceremony.There was a ceremony pipe that was filled with Tobacco and was passed around among all the participates.

In the year 1865,one of the chiefs from the Cheyenne tribe,Dull Knife fights in the Red Cloud

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