Star Chief Conner Chapter Summaries

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In the beginning of this chapter; Sitting Bull and his tribe, the Hunkpapa people, commenced in a sun dance. Black bear, a leader of the Northern Arapahos invited some Southern Arapahos to Tongue River. They set up camp there, and had many hunts and dances. Because of this, many tribes in the Powder River dispersed all over the Big Horn Mountains and the Black Hills.

When Star Chief Connor of the U.S. Military learned that theses various tribes were scattered, he said that the Native American people “must be hunted like wolves”. He then assembled three columns of soldiers to invade the Powder River area. These three columns were commanded by three different military leaders. Another column, which was not in any association with the three foregoing columns was lead by a civilian man named James A. Sawyers. He lead a unit of 73 men with a goal to find gold in the Montana gold fields. Mr. Sawyer understood that he and his men were
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Shortly after this, General Conner decided that he would attack the Arapahos people. Word of his plan reached the tribe the night before this onslaught. However, only a small amount of the Arapahos fled from their camp after the news was delivered.. Therefore when General Connor and his men did arrive, a majority of the Arapaho people were not prepared. This mistake among the people resulted in more than 50 Native American deaths. The Arapaho people also watched as General Connor and his men burned everything left in the camp. The now had merely the things on their backs and nothing more. This tragic day is now called the Battle of Tongue River.
On the morning after this, warriors of the Arapaho tribe bushwhacked a group of soldiers and scared all of their cattle after pursuing them for some time. However, the warriors did not have the strength nor equipage needed to defeat the

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