The Cherokee And Navajo Belief Essay

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Like many cultures, the American Indians passed down their own beliefs which describe the creations of Earth and people. Depending on the tribe, location, history, lifestyle and external influences each story contained its own unique variation. The following will compare and contrast the Cherokee and Navajo belief in creation as well as delve into the viewpoints of each tribe and their relationship with the earth, animals and other people.
It is hard for a person to understand why particular cultures act and believe the way they do without understanding their belief and history. The Cherokee Indians told creation stories for the Milky Way , Earth , as well as man and woman . The Cherokee believed that in the beginning everything was cold, dark and life forms lived on a stone arch high in the sky above a suspended water droplet type mass. As the life forms began to wake up, they also became aware of what type of species they were and realized their living space was to small and crowded. The first two life forms to wake up were the water beetle and spider. The water beetle made its way down to the water drop looking mass to seek additional living space. At first it found nothing, but then swam under water and found mud. It then resurfaced asked the spider to make some strong ropes. The spider made four strong ropes and the water beetle attached each one to the four corners of the land mass. Afterwards, the other animals pulled on the ropes which pulled the land to the…

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