The Characteristics Of Traditional Social Stereotypes

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We form stereotype with daily interactions with different people and through social media. They are based on individual experiences, however, the social and cultural factors play a vital role. The stereotypes are not just a products of our cognitive processing, they need to be contextualized. Stereotypes are mental representation and a form of social categorization made about specific individuals or a group of people. When stereotyping, social categorization is also present. Both are fundamental to human nature and help us make sense of the world. After stereotypes are formed, they act as cognitive schemas in information processing because they organize internal representations on individuals and groups, therefore guiding people to act towards them. The Princeton Trilogy is a longitudinal …show more content…
The first study by Katz and Braley(1993) investigated if traditional social stereotypes are affected by culture. They asked 100 males from Princeton, to choose five traits that characterized different ethnic groups, like Americans, Jews, Japanese and African-American, form a list of words. The results showed that the students chose negative characteristics for the ethnic groups they had almost no contact, like Jews or African-American, calling them superstitious or shrewd, however, they chose positive

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