The Characteristics Of Ritalin

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There are several characteristics of ADD but here are the major indicators: difficulties with paying attention, easily distracted, hyperactivity, impulse control, behavior that demands attention, difficulties in school, and learning problems. It is hard to have a correct description of all the characteristics of students with ADD. The main characteristics of ADD is how bad the symptoms are in a students life or how they continually persist. (Wender 10-31).
Attention Deficit Disorder has not one real cause, and there a very few reasons are given. There does happen to be pattern in families seems to exist with ADD. There has been research done to show that approximately 20 - 30% of students with ADD have a parent or family member t with same
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. Psychostimulants help the brain of the patient by increasing the arousal or alertness of the central nervous system. Ritalin One most common drug used yet on of the most controversial psychostimulants. (Lerner 238-240). In 1955 Ritalin began to be synthesized and prescribed in the 1970 's (Wender 72). Ritalin is made up of methylphenidate and this drug comes from the family of drugs that is associated with the central nervous system stimulants. Ritalin is set to act in 30 minutes and its duration Ritalin lasts is 3 to 5 hours (Lerner 240). Physicians are unclear has how Ritalin actually works once in the body. Ritalin affects the balance of chemicals in the patient’s brain. Newer studies have indicated that it affects the balance of Serotonin working with Dopamine in the brain. Serotonin chemical occurs naturally in the brain. Serotonin prevents behavior and activity. Dopamine appears greatly reduces hyperactivity but it does improve the patients ability to focus, work, and effectively learn. Ritalin may be the popular choice of a drug to treat ADD but there are very serious side effects to …show more content…
Going to college and learning how to be on your own for the first time can be very scary situation. Students who suffer with ADD, the changes of being in college can be extremely difficult. Studies have shown that learning some of the simple things in life, such as learning to do laundry, management of a checking account, credit card, and setting up effective time management before college begins (Wender 115). Freshman also should realize their fears are not unusual and most are experiencing the same fears of being away from home the first time. The struggles can all be similar in nature, but they may not always be visible to others. The positive news is that there are many success l stories of ADD students. Theses students are successful because they seek the necessary help to make them successful in

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